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No Fry Zone final update

The No Fry Zone objective has been achieved.

RT 17 was ratified with 25 councillors voting to adopt this into the plan out of 32 councillors (majority required). 3 voted against, 2 abstained and 2 were not present.

This campaign started over 3 years ago when a fast food outlet targeted a completely inappropriate location close to 3 schools within Greystones and very nearly succeeded. It’s fantastic that we are now able to ensure that this cannot happen again in Wicklow this the adaption of this objective into the County Development Plan.

Thanks All

Craft Fair Committee Announcement


We can't thank you enough for making time to help us with our biggest
GETNS event/fundraiser of the year. The committee has been working really
hard to bring you a super Craft Fair. Please consider helping us with some
of the following things that make our fair run so smoothly.

  1. BAKING The cafe is busy and raises a lot of money, PLEASE bake us
    something! Cupcakes, cakes to slice, brownies, cookies, scones, bread,
    pretzels-- whatever your specialty is we'll sell it!  Baking can be
    dropped off from 2-4pm SATURDAY the 12th OR on the day of
    our fair, early if possible on the 13th. If you bring it on a plate or in
    tupperware, please label it clearly with your name (lids too) and if it's got nuts let
    us know.  THANK YOU!
  2. Don't forget we are having a fab pocket money room -Toy, Book and Game sale!
    Drop off date this week is the Fri 28th Oct and Fri 11th Oct.  Drop off is
    in the front of the school by the door.  Please bring your nearly new toys,
    children's books, trinkets, FULL jigsaws, balls, jewellery, kids'
    DVD/CDs...it will look like a proper toy shop!
  3. We need More volunteers on the day of our fair - kindly give just 1
    hour of your time (or more!) Bucket shakers, cafe help, end of the day
    break down helpers, raffle ticket sellers, and anyone who wants to busk
    (adults or students) in the lobby let us know! 
    Please write to our amazing Volunteer Coordinator Astrid (astrid [DOT] weidenhammer [AT] web [DOT] de) and she will find you the perfect position ;)
  4. We have a poster (Poster download) and online for you to share on your
    personal FB pages, and plenty printed for you to put in your car window,
    on your front door, at your office get one from one of us at drop
    off....we hope we can all pitch in to spread the word.
  5. Please support your school and come on the day with your family!  It's
    a great day! We have had such amazing feedback over the years about our fair, and it's
    because of you! See you on November 13th!!

Thank you!!


Craft Fair Committee 

Harvest Week

SS harvest cornucopia 560x500

Principal Catherine is setting up a "Harvest Table" by the Infants area for this week coming and she hopes that   the children will add a harvest vegetable/item to it as they come in over the week. It could be e.g. pumpkin, conkers, etc. Anything that is about Harvest.

There will be a collection box from Monday in the Infants area where the children can drop something off or add to the table from Tuesday which is the first day of the presentation. 
Catherine is also looking for a volunteer parent each day to stand by the display and talk to the children about harvest, autumn vegetables, etc.
Please contact the office if you can help.


Contact List


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Board of Management

Patron Nominees:
Liam Friel (Chair)
Lynnea Connolly

School Principal:
Catherine Sadlier

Staff Nominee:
Laura Kavanagh

Parent Nominee:
Barbara Campbell
Stefan Schulmeistrat

Community Nominee:

Laura McAleavey

Patron Nomminee:

John Callahan

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