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Welcome Back



Welcome Back Parents

The Greystones Educate Together Parents Association Website (wow, that is a mouthful) is back after a year long hiatus.  During that time we worked together to try to determine what the best role was for this website and what it could do to support the parents, children and the school.  

What you see now is the result of that process.

We want this site to be about community and its primary purpose is to facilitate communication; between the school and parents and the parents themselves.   

This site is under intense and ongoing development and we are open to all those who wish to provide constructive criticism or offer their support in taking ownership of the many elements of the site.

Some features to take note:


We have added a fully featured calendar to the website with individuals assigned to keep it updated and effective.  This calendar will list all the events internal or related to the school year including; School Events, Fundraisers, Parties and Parent Meetings.  The calendar is desinged around a familar format and can be displayed yearly, monthly, weekly or daily


The forum has been brought back.  Now that we are a bustling school with 100s of parents we hope that this is a facility that will bring value to the parents.  There is a section for general chat, a buy and sell, play date scheduling and more.  This is an area that will grow and develop with your input and is a blank slate to be created based on the needs of the parent body.


Volunteering is plays a central role to the success of the Educate Together system and with the input we have received from parent surveys and the formation of a Volunteering Working group we realized that the whole Volunteer process needs to be made simpler and more coherent.

"Get Involved" is the mantra of this site and we are building a whole system around the idea to make volunteering easier and more rewarding.  A volunteering system is in development to ensure that those who wish to be involved will be included, communicated with and utilized to their fullest extent.

At the moment we have a Volunteer Form, however, in the very near future we will be providing an up-to-date live list of Volunteer Slots needed for activities within the school and also for external activities like Dances, Parades and Fundraisers.

Thank You For Visiting

Thank you for stopping by and please explore the site.  We hope you will come back often to see the changes as we work together with you to make this something that is truly beneficial to our community.

Dont for get the most important part of being a parent in the Educate Together Schools...


Get Involved!


Al the best,

GETNS Parents Association



Contact List


info [AT] getpa [DOT] ie

events [AT] getpa [DOT] ie 

volunteer [AT] getpa [DOT] ie

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webmaster [AT] getpa [DOT] ie


admissions [AT] greystoneset [DOT] ie

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Board of Management

Patron Nominees:
Liam Friel (Chair)
Lynnea Connolly

School Principal:
Catherine Sadlier

Staff Nominee:
Laura Kavanagh

Parent Nominee:
Barbara Campbell
Stefan Schulmeistrat

Community Nominee:

Laura McAleavey

Patron Nomminee:

John Callahan

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Ethos Committee

Constitutional Committee

Special Working Groups (SWGs)

Volunteering SWG

Anti-Bulling SWG

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