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Swimming Guide

Children’s Swimming

As you can image it is pretty hectic getting all the children ready for swimming and also getting them ready to return to school, a few simple actions on your part could greatly assist proceedings:

  1. Please pack your child’s swimsuit etc in a bag that can hold ALL their belonging when they are undressed (coat /shoes etc) – this means that all their belonging can be kept all together.
  2. If you can run through how you would like them to get ready the night/morning before their class and stress the following we would be most grateful:
    • When you child is getting undressed ask them to take out their swimsuit, cap and towel first and place to one side – as they undress place their belongings back into the bag.
    • If they can put their socks in their shoes there is less chance of them going missing (or ending up on the floor as they search for them!).
    • Please ensure all your children’s clothing is labelled with their name.
    • A plastic bag for their wet towel and swimwear is useful .
  3. Clothing that your children can easily take on and off (tracksuit) makes the whole process run smoothly, please avoid laced shoes (unless you child can tie themselves) and tights.
  4. Please pack some additional clothing, in particular socks and underwear, in case clothing gets wet (Storing spare socks and underwear in a zip lock bag will ensure they stay dry!).
  5. Please ensure swimming caps are marked with your child’s name.
  6. Arm bands are not required for swimming but if you wish to pack please ensure they are blown up and marked with your child’s name.
  7. A second smaller towel is useful – particularly for the girls with long hair.
  8. For children with long hair a hair bobbin means wet hair can be kept off their shoulders.
  9. Essentials:
    • Large bag to hold all belongings
    • Swimwear
    • Swimming Cap
    • Towel (preferably 2)
    • Spare clothes (underwear and socks in zip lock bag)
    • Plastic bag to hold wet towel etc after swimming

If you think your child will need assistance please ask your child’s teacher which parents will be there to assist and contact the parent directly to give them permission to help your child.

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