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The Wishing Tree

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The Wishing Tree is a delight on the eyes and a wonderful addition to the school.  The PAC want to extend our thanks to the parents and companies that donated their time to create it and to share the images and process as created by the team.  Below we have included the names of all the people and organizations that made The WIshing Tree possible and included pictures and descriptions of the process of it's creation - all supplied by the The Wishing Tree Team.

from the team:

The Wishing Tree, 2015

A project by parents, pupils and staff.

Below is a list of all those who made this project possible. From the very start of this project we called on many people to volunteer their time to help every step of the way, from:

The birth of the project: 

Sarah Kernaghan, Vicki Kummer, Nancy Falkow Mc Bride and Norma Brewer.

Contact List


info [AT] getpa [DOT] ie

events [AT] getpa [DOT] ie 

volunteer [AT] getpa [DOT] ie

Submit Photo or Article
webmaster [AT] getpa [DOT] ie


admissions [AT] greystoneset [DOT] ie

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Board of Management

Patron Nominees:
Liam Friel (Chair)
Lynnea Connolly

School Principal:
Catherine Sadlier

Staff Nominee:
Laura Kavanagh

Parent Nominee:
Barbara Campbell
Stefan Schulmeistrat

Community Nominee:

Laura McAleavey

Patron Nomminee:

John Callahan

GET Groups


Parents Association

Ethos Committee

Constitutional Committee

Special Working Groups (SWGs)

Volunteering SWG

Anti-Bulling SWG

Learn Together Curriculum SWG