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Clothes and Textile Recycling 28th Feb

Finally get rid of all those old clothes hiding in cupboards!

Greystones Educate Together Parents’ Association is proud to be involved in the first GETNS LRTD Textile Recycle initiative, which as well as providing the opportunity to spring clean your home, helps raise funds for our school.


Liberties Recycling, Training and Development (LRTD) is a registered charitable organisation and training project (CHY 14553) for people affected by drug/alcohol use. Over 65 people are employed collecting, sorting, grading and baling textiles, which are then sent to Africa and Asia, with surplus fabric being cut up and used for cleaning wipes for garages, cleaners etc. See www.libertiesrecycling.com for more info.


LRTD pays for all textiles at a rate of €4 for every 8 Kilos collected.


Enclosed with this note is a LRTD Recycle bag, on which is listed what textiles can be recycled – all clothing, sheets, bed linen (but not pillows or duvets), curtains (but not carpets) and pairs of shoes. As long as the items are not dirty they can be in any state, including having holes in them.


Why not ask your family, friends and neighbours to get involved too? Additional bags can be found in a box marked “LRTD Recycle Campaign” on a table by the front office. Please feel free to collect more bags if you need them.


Bags containing textiles for recycling should be returned to the school on Thursday 28th February 2013 ONLY and placed under the bicycle sheds.


Due to space and health reasons bags should not be returned earlier than this date.  The bags will be collected by LRTD in the morning, so please ensure LRTD bags are placed under the bike sheds not later than 10.00 am.


Thank you so much for getting involved in this great green initiative.


Not only will your spring clean and recycle help LRTD with their work, but you will also help raise much needed funds for our school.




The PA Committee