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Health and Safety


There are numerous online resources for parents and children.  This is a list of some health and safety related resources that have been compiled by various parents.

HSA Primary School Safety Classes 

These Keep Safe e-learning modules are brought to you by the Health and Safety Authority. They are designed to keep young people safe and healthy: on the farm; around electricity; using screens and keypads; and at school.

These modules are designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard with 3rd and 4th class students and were developed in line with the aims and objectives of the Primary School Curriculum.

Comprehensive teacher guidelines are included within each module and you may choose to use one module or all of the modules with your class.


Certificates of achievement are also included. You can access these certificates in the 'Quiz Information' section of the Teacher Guidelines within each module. Click below for further information and to access each module.

Requires registration (free) here:  Register